Septic System Basics

Every septic system is unique. A septic system is based upon site specific
conditions, information, and site uses. A Septic System-or Onsite Wastewater
Treatment System-consists of a septic tank and disposal field.

Septic Tank
The septic tank provides primary settling and treatment to occur. A typical
residential septic tank is about 1500 gallons divided into two compartment.
The solids are settled to the bottom and oil float on the surface. The middle
layer provides a clear zone that flows through the baffle into the second
compartment. The effluent flows from the second compartment out to the
leach field.

Leach Field
All leach fields are different, but the purpose of all leach fields is to distribute
the effluent to allow percolation into the soil. Leach fields distribute the
effluent into the soil where the soil treats the effluent and allows for

Leach fields are sized based on the soil absorption, topography, and other
site specific conditions. Call us today (925) 447-5200 to discuss the specifics
for your site and speak with an engineer to discuss a plan of action for your
onsite wastewater needs. We don't want you to waste your money and we will
give you options for the most appropriate long term solution for your onsite
wastewater needs.
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