OWTS Engineering

Soil profiles, percolation testing, county permits, conventional systems, alternative systems, pretreatment, consulting, problem diagnosis, wet weather testing, and more.

Septic System Installation

We provide an intelligent approach towards your septic system installation. We are experienced with all types of septic systems and will install yours in an orderly fashion.

Problem Diagnostics

Problems do come up. Give us a call and we can help you out. Speak with an engineer not just a salesman. (925) 447-5200

Service and Maintenance

All septic systems need some level of maintenance. Maybe it's just pumping, maybe pressure leach lines need to be flushed, or your pretreatment system needs to be checked. We handled all this in house with our own trucks and equipment. 

Real Estate Inspections and Property Purchase Opinions

We can help you through the purchase of your next home or raw land. The septic system on that property is an important part. Call us up and we can help you through the steps. 

Expert Testimony and Litigation Support

We work with attorney or other litigants through complex wastewater litigation.

Acorn's Services

Acorn Onsite, Inc. provides all septic systems services under one roof. Acorn Onsite, Inc. Provides complete solutions for onsite wastewater handling. We have been in the wastewater industry since 1980. We have done projects for residential dwellings, commercial facilities, wineries, event centers, and many other facilities. We would like to include you as another satisfied customer.

Acorn Onsite, Inc. Provides all services for septic systems-start to finish and through to the ongoing maintenance.

All of are services are provided under one company or we can provide some of our services and we cooperate with other firms or consultants. We provide septic system and onsite wastewater treatment system service including:

  • Consulting
  • County permits
  • Engineering (conventional, alternative, pre-treatment, experimental)
  • New, replacement, and upgraded systems
  • Installation
  • Maintenance and pumping
  • Problem Diagnosis
  • Percolation testing
  • Soil Profiles
  • Wet weather testing
  • All services relating to septic systems
  • Supplies and material sales
  • Real Estate Inspections and property opinions
  • Region Water Board Permitting
  • Expert Witness and litigation support
  • Reserve Area Designation
  • Cost valuation and lifecyle cost estimation 

Civil Engineer assessing the surface conditions for possible septic system placement.

Civil Engineer assessing the surface conditions for possible septic system placement.