Septic System Engineering for Monterey County

Acorn Onsite, Inc. specializes in septic system engineering in Monterey County, California. We work well with the applicable regulators to quickly produce a septic system plan. Either if it's new construction, remodel work, repair of an existing system; we have your site covered. We can rapidly turnaround a cost-effective, readily build able wastewater solution.


Monterey County Specifics

Acorn Onsite, Inc. can handle the unique character of Monterey County.

Whether your project is in Carmel Highlands, Santa Lucia Preserve, Monterey, Salinas, Carmel Valley, Spreckels, Aromas, Greenfield, King City, San Ardo, Valleton, Bradley, Bryson, Lockwood, Gorda, Plaskett, Lucia, or anywhere in Monterey county we can efficiently handle your septic system engineering design needs.

Our skilled staff, readily available equipment and in-house expertise and experience result in preparing an appropriate solution to your site's wastewater needs. Give us a call today to discuss your project 925-447-5200 or 1-800-832-7711

Project location on a tight lot in Palo Colorado Canyon, Monterey County, California.
Project location on a tight lot in Palo Colorado Canyon, Monterey County, California.

Site Content

Percolation (Perc) Testing

Conducting a percolation test in Monterey County, CA

Percolation testing is done to assist in determining an application rate of effluent to the gravel and soil interface.

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Soil Profiles and Classification

Backhoe digging a soil profile hole for septic system feasibility in Carmel Valley, CA

Soil profiles are conducted to classify the soil type in the vicinity of the explored area. Soil classification for septic system feasibility is typically done according to the USDA soil classification system.

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Groundwater Depth Determination

Groundwater depth determination technique.

In Monterey County it is typically necessary to determine the depth to groundwater. Both seasonal and sustained groundwater depth is a limiting condition for leach fields.

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Topography Surveying

Topography surveying for a leach field.

Measuring and mapping the topography of the project site is an important in designing a septic system. Critical components of the leach field must be level and on contour. Developing an accurate topographic survey of the project vicinity is an integral part of leach field engineering design.

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Performance Evaluations

Performance evaluation of an existing septic system with a pump.

Have an existing septic system? Are you adding to the design flow? When the current septic tank and leach field are possibly viable to take an increased flow it is appropriate to determine the current condition of the septic system.

Expert Onsite Wastewater Designs

Septic tank system design for a tight property in Carmel Highlands, CA.

Acorn Onsite, Inc. staff are experts in appropriate septic system engineering design. We consider the appropriate specifics of the project site. 

Engineering Design