Septic System Development Process in Solano County

A relatively flat, level site in Vacaville. Surface conditions then soil profiles for septic work.

Initial Site Assessment

Our staff Civil Engineer visits that site, and discusses the planned build out, observes surface visible conditions, and identifies areas to consider for septic system placement.

Soil Profile

Typically the next step is to use a backhoe or excavator and dig several pits about 8-10 feet deep. Our engineer then observes the soil conditions, resulting in a soil profile log. These conditions found determine the soil application rate, depth of trench, and other leach field sizing and layout determination.

Site Topography Survey

Site in Vacaville and Rio Vista have differing topography. To consider this, our design team prepares a topography map. Sometime an outside surveyor does this instead. We work well with the parties involved either way, if the site layout and topography is prepared by others or our staff.

Septic System Design Development

In order to have the most effective, cost efficient design, we prepare a site specific septic system engineering design. We use the soil profile log, topography and site survey information, regulatory codes, and our expert knowledge to develop an appropriate septic system design of the given conditions. We keep all interested parties in the loop throughout the process. 

Regulator Review

We submit our prepared design to the applicable regulatory agency for review. They check for code compliance and in turn approve, giving their "blessing" to install the system.

Septic System Install and Continued Maintenance

After regulatory agency approval, the septic system can then be installed. The septic system is typically installed in conjunction with other construction work at the site, however for repairs or such it it also routinely installed standalone.

Solano County, California

Acorn Onsite, Inc. expert staff would like to assist our customer's septic system engineering design needs throughout all of Solano County including Fairfield, Vacaville, Rio Vista, Dixon, Winters, and Green Valley.